Containers For Sale

Here at A-Verdi we offer a variety of shipping containers for sale. Whether you’re looking for a used, reconditioned, or like-new storage container we carry them all. We sell standard 20′ and 40′ storage containers as well as many of our specialty models. We serve customers all across Upstate New York, including but not limited to the Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany areas. For more information about pricing and our current inventory don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-248-3734!

Basic Used

Used Ground Level Storage Containers come to our local facility and are inspected to ensure they are dry and weather tight. The inspection includes checking to make sure that doors work properly, all door gaskets are in good shape and the roof as well as sidewalls are solid. Used units come in various colors and have the original paint finish. These units will have some exposed rust and repair patches but this varies based on the age of unit.


Reconditioned storage containers are taken to the next step. We fully inspect, wash, prep, sand, prime & install a new coat of professional paint. Our standard paint colors include Verdi gray, dark brown, dark green, tan, off white, or barn red. Reconditions units bring extra space to wherever you need it while maintaining a professional external appearance.

Like New

Like New containers are manufactured overseas and are shipped with a single cargo load. Once the container arrives to it’s destination it is then sold as a “Like New” container. These may also be referred as “One Trip” units. These containers are in excellent condition and have little to no dents.

As Is

We offer a variety of containers that are sold “As Is”. These containers are not guaranteed to be dry & weather-tight. The containers will have various issues including heavy rust & missing door gaskets. Other issues can include holes in the wall & floor.

The A-Verdi 20′ Model is very popular with many customers including homeowners, automotive repair shops, schools, convenience stores, restaurants etc., they work very well when physical space is limited but safe storage is needed. Contractors also use this unit on construction sites to keep their tools & supplies secure.

The A-Verdi 40′ Model is very popular with many customers including contractors, automotive dealerships, schools, manufacturers, retailers & warehouses. When physical space is openly available the 40′ unit is our largest storage unit providing 320 sq ft of storage space only a simple phone call away. That is a lot of room for inventory, supplies, or equipment to keep your operation organized & efficient.

The A-Verdi 40′ High Cube Model is the same as our 40′ Storage Container except it is an additional 12″ tall. The extra foot of height makes these units great for forklift access & double stacking of pallets. Customers have also used the extra height for taller equipment or shelf/rack rack systems to store materials inside of the unit.

The A-Verdi Quad Door Model is the same as our traditional Storage Container except there is an identical set of swinging secure steel doors on both ends of the unit. The extra set of doors makes these units extremely convenient for loading, unloading & storing your product. The flexibility of the A-Verdi Quad-Door unit provides great savings of time & money for our customers.

Our open top units come in two models, hard top and soft top. Hard top models feature a removable steel roof that securely locks into place for when you want it covering your tools and equipment but can be easily taken off when you need to. Our soft top models feature a vinyl weatherproof cover the straps into place when you need to cover your belongings like when it starts raining. These units are perfect on construction sites where workers can use a crane to lift heavy materials and equipment into their storage container.

Our open side containers feature accordion style doors that fold outward on one side of the container that open up the entire side of the container. This is especially useful when looking to store heavy materials and equipment on a job site. It allows you more space to forklift things in and out without having to worry if your forklift can fit through the door.

A-Verdi Storage Trailers provide flexible on-site space dock-level to expand your welcome. Many large retailers use our trailers to maximize efficiency in their back store room. We offer many different sizes & specifications of highly maintained units, please call today and we can discuss what options will suit your needs.

The A-Verdi office containers provides an all open office interior. Our ground level office containers offer safe, convenient onsite office space for any kind of event, job site, or industrial application. Please call us today for more information & availability.

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