We can resize any of standard size units to fit your site or application, space can be real valuable & we understand that. Special length units often are for specialty electrical, valve or control room enclosure units. We can even change door style to make the unit as useful as possible.

Any color paint finish that your project might need is possible from black to hot pink we can supply a container to match your needs. Whether it is your company logo or school team name we have the capabilities to make & install high quality vinyl or digital lettering onto the container to make it serve two purposes for you.

Roll up doors can be mounted in the end wall or any place through the sidewall of any size unit. The doors are 36″ or 84″ wide & offer tailored access to your stored items inside of the container.

We offer a wide variety of personnel doors, that can be installed anywhere in the side or end of any of our container units. Most of the doors are solid, but we can supply glass in the door, most doors have standard hardware or it can be built with push bar exit device.

The Heavy Duty double swing doors are identical to the strong swing doors that are standard on the end of our containers. They offer secure steel construction, with a rubber gasket seal & can be mounted anywhere on the side of storage containers.

Interior lighting is possible with incandescent or fluorescent fixtures mounted to the ceiling with switches at the doors. Electric plugs can be mounted throughout the units, all wiring is surface mounted in conduit.

Insulated double pane vinyl windows can be mounted in the sidewall or end wall of any size of our storage containers for array of uses. We can also add strong & secure welded bars across window openings to keep the container safe.

The storage container can be climate controlled by a few different style HVAC systems. Based on your needs we can provide a heating or cooling solution that will keep your product in the desired temperature range.

At A-Verdi, storage comes with an almost endless number of options. There are many accessories & modifications that we do to produce an effective solution for your storage needs. We work hard to provide our customer with the best possible solution that is ready to use once placed on-site. Our Modifications are meant to make your container more convenient for your specific needs. Every modification is done on a customer to customer basis. We want to make sure you get the most out of your storage containers and that means were willing to customize for you.