Specialty Units

We build an array of units for specific applications or jobs. When your needs are something other than a standard unit, we’ll go that extra mile to solve your storage problem… and make your life easier. Every job has its unique requirements and we try to reflect this in our storage solutions. We want to have a range of convenient storage options for each and every customer and sometimes this means making specialty units to fit their needs. We are flexible and willing to work with you to find a specific solution to your space needs. We offer many different units, please call us today & we can discuss your requirements further.

Open Side/Side Door

20′ or 40′ storage containers can be set up with either a 84″ roll up door or a 96″ double swing door on the side. This maximizes the storage space in the container & creates the most usable layout on the property. We can mount the doors anywhere in the side wall of the storage container. We can do an accordion style door opening up the entire side making it easier to move large equipment into your container via forklift .

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NYSED School Box

20′ or 40′ Storage container with approved NYSED Exit Device & Venting. NYSED (New York State Education Department) requires that a storage container have interior exit device on the doors & added louver for ventilation. At A-Verdi we strive to provide our customer the safe & quality products for their job & we are the 1st to provide a solution to meet all of the requirements of NYSED. We stock & offer these containers specific for the New York State Schools.

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Ticket Booth

Let’s face it, without ticket sales there would be no event. Let A-Verdi Storage Containers help you give your event the professional ticket booth that you need in order to get more sales. Featuring a clean and attractive exterior to fit your event’s environment. The A-Verdi ticket booth has heat, lighting, electrical outlets and windows giving your ticket sales staff the right environment to assist attendees as quickly and efficiently as possible no mater what kind of weather you are dealing with.

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24′ Pipe Storage

24′ Storage container is custom built 24′ long to provide a full 23′ inside to store the pipe that comes in 21′ or 22′ lengths & not have wasted space in the unit. These units are all built with a high security lock box enclosure on the doors to keep your steel & copper piping secure onsite. This unit can also be equipped with modular pipe racks on both walls for added access & organization.

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Climate Controlled

40′ Insulated container unit with a heavy duty climate controlled HVAC & lighting inside. These units can be used in many different ways, for storage of sensitive items, as an office area, jobsite soil or a concrete inspection lab. We can even provide custom wiring, our customers find these very useful. Please call for further details & availability

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Record Storage

40′ Storage container custom designed & built with our easy swing door doors, added ventilation & heavy duty shelving along both walls for file boxes. Shelves are 3 high capable of 2 boxes per shelf give you the capacity to store 6 high boxes in the unit without any crushed or damaged boxes & easy storing & retrieval. A sorting table inside the left door makes retrieval quick & easy. This unit can also be used to store & organize parts or inventory.

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Custom Built Unit

Here at A-Verdi we offer a wide range of customization options that can be found in more detail on our modifications page. We can resize any of standard size units to a custom length, ensuring it will fit your site or application. Any color paint finish that your project might need is possible from black to hot pink we can supply a container to match your needs.

Roll up doors can be mounted in the end wall or any place through the sidewall of any size unit. We offer a wide variety of personnel doors, that can be installed anywhere in the side or end of any of our container units. Heavy duty swing doors like the ones on the end of our standard container’s can be installed in the side walls.

Interior lighting is possible with incandescent or fluorescent fixtures mounted to the ceiling with switches at the doors. Insulated double pane vinyl windows can be mounted in the sidewall or end wall of any size of our storage containers for array of uses. The storage container can be climate controlled by a few different style HVAC systems.

We also willing to work with customers looking for long term leases or purchases to meet their customization needs, so if you have something you would like done but isn’t on the list, give us a call.

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