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Residential Containers

Homeowners use A-Verdi Storage Containers for a wide range of storage needs. They provide a convenient way for residential customers to safely and securely lock up your belongings without the hassle of hauling everything off the property. Whether you need some extra space to renovate your home, recover from an unexpected disaster, or just to free up a little extra room, our containers have you covered.

A-Verdi 20′ Container

Our most popular size container among homeowners. The perfect size to fit any storage need!


A-Verdi 10′ Container

20′ too big? Try our 10′ container!


A-Verdi 40′ Container

Need even more space? Try our 40′ Containers!


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From renovations to disaster recovery or if you just need more space in the garage, A-Verdi storage containers can fit the needs of any homeowner.