Residential Use

Homeowners use A-Verdi Storage Containers for a wide range of storage needs. They provide a convenient way for residential customers to safely and securely lock up your belongings without the hassle of hauling everything off the property. Whether you need some extra space to renovate your home, recover from an unexpected disaster, or just to free up a little extra room, our containers have you covered.

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Store Furniture During a Renovation / Remodel

Homeowners find our 10′ & 20′ Storage Containers very useful. Whether it is extra space during a simple room renovation or a complete home remodel, our shipping containers are the perfect solution to your space problem. Our Ground level units provide secure storage on-site for anything from household furnishings to the building supplies needed for the renovation.

Storage Container used for storage during renovation
Residential Homeowners using 20' Storage Container

Use Storage Containers To Recover From Disasters

Natural Disaster, Fire or Floods come unexpectedly and leave you feeling overwhelmed as you try to clean up the mess. A-Verdi offers a quick delivery to residential customers so you can quickly and efficiently get started on the restoration process. From the materials and tools needed to rebuild your home to your cherished belongings that survived the disaster, our containers will securely and safely store whatever you need to help get you back in your home quick.

Free Up Some Extra Space In Your Garage

Rural homeowners enjoy the use of our 40′ storage containers as an additional storage space for their homes. Clear out a space in the garage so you can finally park the car inside. Remove the clutter of seasonal decoration from your attic or basement. Store lawn and gardening equipment, like your ride on lawn mower, over the long winter months. If you feel your home is becoming too cramped we can provide the space you so desperately need.

Storage Container used as extra garage space

Unclutter Your House for a Home Staging

When your looking to sell your home you want to get the most you can for it. This means creating a warm inviting atmosphere for potential buyers to enjoy as they view it for the first time. You can’t create this type of atmosphere with a house cluttered with your old stuff. An A-Verdi 20′ Storage Container can be a perfect option for storing your extra stuff during an open house or home staging event. Once the event is done you belongings are right on-site ready for use again.

Keep Your Belongings Safe and Secure

Here at A-Verdi safety is priority number one. This means that we do all we can to make sure your belongings are safe and secure in one of our storage containers. Our units are made of 14 gauge corrugated steel and feature secure doors lockable by a padlock. We also have the additional option of adding a steel lock box enclosure to your container which gives your padlock an extra level of security by protecting it from conventional cutting tools. The Units are cross ventilated keeping your belongings safe from moisture and mildew.

Residential lockbox

On-Site Units Promote Ease Of Access

Another concern we hear from home owners is whether or not the unit will be easy to access. A lot of times as storage containers the gaskets and hinges on the door will wear, eventually making it difficult to open. We here at A-Verdi take proactive steps to ensure that our ground level units are easy to open and access at all times. We replace these problem parts frequently while also grinding down and rough spots to ensure that your unit opens like its brand new every time.

Your Possessions Will Stay Clean and Dry

We realize one of the biggest worries home owners have when renting one of our shipping containers is will it be clean and dry. They often see containers on construction site where the inside of the containers are covered with paint, oil, or sawdust. We want to assure you that if you are renting a container for residential use this doesn’t need to be a concern. When containers come back to our facility we inspect them and categorize them by their condition. We only send clean dry containers that we would be willing to put our own cherished belongings in to our residential customers.

Compact Delivery Truck for Urban & Residential Locations

Both the 10′ and 20′ storage container or mobile office container will be delivered on our roll back truck. This truck is perfect for when space is tight in a residential setting. The A-Verdi tilt bed truck is a self-unloading process that requires no additional help or equipment from the customer. Our delivery specialist will back the storage unit to the spot that you want it placed; please see our ordering options below for door placement. At the time of delivery we require a minimum height clearance of 14’ and will need approximately 50′ of clear space in front of the unit.

Place the Unit Conveniently in Your Driveway

Our 10′ and 20′ storage containers, standard units for residential customers, take up roughly one parking parking space meaning they are a perfect fit for your driveway. Keeping containers on hard pavement also prevents sinking which may otherwise happen on grass or dirt. Our delivery specialist come prepared with wooden blocks to place under the corners or the unit, leveling it and preventing harm from your surface. For some of our residential customers the driveway isn’t an option, but can also place units on dirt, grass, or stone but the ground should be firm and have good drainage. If your unit does begin to sink on grass or dirt, give us a call and we can move it to a better spot.

20' Shipping Container residential