Shipping Containers Used for Binghamton Flood Recovery

Published On: January 6, 2016Categories: Uncategorized

Floods, fires and natural disaster can happen at any minute and often times handling the situation can be overwhelming. Binghamton Flood 1 and Feature imageFlooding, in particular, has been prevalent in our area as of late with the Binghamton floods. Southern New York has been
plagued by tropical storms causing local waterways to overflow and run off into nearby cities and towns. Binghamton has experience major flooding in 2005, 2006, and most recently in 2011. Recovering from these floods is a lengthy process that involves a commitment from the entire community.

When recovering from a natural disaster or unexpected emergency like this, after the storm has past and you are completely out of danger, you have to think about moving your unharmed possessions out of your home so that the restoration process can begin. In certain situations, like the Binghamton floods, storing these possessions at a friend’s or family member’s house may not be an option as the entire community is in the same position you are. Keeping them in the house during the restoration project is unfeasible as they are going to be in the way and working around them without damaging anything is nearly impossible. So what do you do?

We here at A-Verdi have the perfect solution to your storage problem. We offer storage spaces that can cheaply store all your IMG_0219prized possessions during the lengthy restoration process. Our containers are water tight making sure that even if the entire
city is dripping wet, like in the Binghamton floods, your possessions are not. Our containers come in many different sizes so whether you have just a room full of stuff or a mansion we have you covered with a container that can fit it all.

An emergency situation like this one is stressful and takes time to recover from. Although we hope nothing like this ever happens to you, don’t let not knowing where to store all of your possessions slow down your start to the restoration process. As a local family owned business our biggest priority during a time like this is making sure that you are back safe in your home as quick as possible, so if you ever do find yourself up a creek (or in this case Main Street) without a paddle, give us a call at 800-248-3734 and we will do our part to get you back in your home.