Trends in Construction Increase Need for Containers

Published On: December 5, 2015Categories: Construction

It’s a good time to be a construction worker. The industry has recovered nicely from the recession and as of late has seen consistent growth. According to Dodge Data & Analytics the industry has grown around 10% each of the last two years and is expected to continue its growth by 6% this year.

This growth is expected to be spurred by some emerging industry trends. Construction Dive has created this list of the top 10 trends in construction for 2016. We believe that A-Verdi Storage Containers can help assist your construction company in better taking advantage of some these trends.

Prefab/offsite construction methods will become more popular

A prefab/ modular building is a pre-constructed building that is shipped to the jobsite in parts and then assembled there. As you can imagine, although this method of building does reduce build time on site, it can also increase the need for storage space. Our 40’ containers are perfect for storing larger prefabricated pieces that may need to be on the jobsite for a week or so before they are ready to be added to the final project. Keeping a container onsite relieves the stress of timing the delivery of pieces as you will have a convenient storage location that will keep your building materials out of the weather and away from potential vandals or thieves.

Jobsite accidents and criminal indictments on the rise

Construction job sites have always been a prime target of local thieves andConstruction trends 1 miscreants. Tools are valuable enough to get the thief a pretty penny while being light enough to carry off the jobsite inconspicuously. A-Verdi Storage Containers realized this issue has been on the rise for a while now, so we have created an add-on to our boxes that make it nearly impossible for thieves to make a quick hit on your jobsite. When ordering one of our storage containers you can request a lockbox which is a small steel box over where your pad lock goes. Although it seems simple, this box prevents vandals from using bolt cutters on your pad lock as they have no room to make the cut. We recommend that all of our construction customers get this added feature to keep their tools and equipment safe.

Remodeling will have a strong year, especially in the luxury market

The construction market isn’t the only part of the economy on the rise and as the economy rises so do the amount of professional renovations and remodels. In particular, the luxury market tends to see a substantial increase in remodels as a fresh and modern atmosphere is part of the premium price people pay for their service or product. The luxury remodels include anything from retail spaces like the Tiffany’s to hotels like the Ritz Carlton. Projects like this require plenty of storage space as merchandise or furniture has to be moved from the facility into storage and construction materials have to be stored onsite to complete the renovation.

Our storage containers provide the perfect solutions to these storage needs as they keep valuable merchandise and construction equipment safe and dry. They are weather tight and use our very own ventilation system that ensures that everything in the container stays dry from both rain and condensation.

Inside construction shipping container

No job site would be complete without an office. Useful as an employee meeting room or a quiet place to get away while you work on project planning, our ground level office containers fit perfectly on any jobsite. They come in multiple sizes to fit your specific needs. Office units are insulated and come with power outlets, windows, lighting and a HVAC unit. They do require a 220 volt power hookup to become fully functional but once you have that you’ll forget your out on the jobsite and not in a cushy office.

40' Office Combo container

As the construction market grows and the total number of jobs increase it becomes harder and harder to manage each and every site. We want to become your go to container company that takes the hassle out of ordering and delivery while providing you with some of the highest quality office and storage spaces around. We are local to Upstate New York and due to our smaller service region we understand what our customers’ needs and wants and are always working with them to improve our products and service. If you see your construction company on the rise and are need of storage don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-248-3734.