KDR Storage: Trusted Storage Solutions Since 2001, Now Enhanced by A-Verdi Storage Containers

Established in 2001, KDR Storage has been a reliable partner for homeowners, contractors, and businesses seeking dependable storage solutions. In 2018, Glen and Erica made the strategic decision to enhance customer service by focusing exclusively on their self-storage units. To ensure a seamless transition and continued excellence in portable storage services, they entrusted A-Verdi to take over their portable storage business. A-Verdi remains dedicated to delivering exceptional service to customers across the Catskills region.

Specialized On-Site Storage Solutions

Portable Storage Units for Diverse Needs Formerly known for providing portable storage units in the Western Catskills area, KDR Storage specialized in on-site storage solutions tailored to meet temporary storage needs. These units were convenient for various applications, including remodeling projects, warehouse expansion, and emergency storage requirements.

Range of Unit Sizes
Now, under A-Verdi’s management, customers can still access the same high-quality portable storage units in sizes of 10′, 20′, and 40′, featuring spacious doors ideal for easy loading and unloading. These units are designed to be secure and versatile, accommodating personal and business storage needs alike.

Commitment to Security and Versatility

Secure Storage Solutions A-Verdi’s portable storage rental units are designed to be secure and versatile. Each unit can be locked with your own padlock, ensuring the safety of your stored items. This feature provides peace of mind for clients, knowing their belongings are protected.

Serving a Wide Area A-Verdi proudly serves a wide area encompassing Delaware, Greene, Ulster, Otsego, Schoharie, and Sullivan counties, continuing to provide prompt and reliable service to local communities. Whether you need short-term storage during renovations or long-term storage for business inventory, A-Verdi’s portable storage units offer the perfect solution.

A-Verdi: Continuing the Legacy of Excellence

Customer-Centric Approach For customers in need of flexible and convenient storage solutions in the Catskills region, A-Verdi guarantees the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that KDR Storage upheld for years. A-Verdi’s customer-centric approach ensures that each client’s unique storage needs are met with tailored solutions and exceptional service.

Contact A-Verdi Today Explore how A-Verdi’s portable storage options can meet your specific storage needs effectively. Contact A-Verdi today to discover the quality and reliability that have defined KDR Storage and continue to thrive under A-Verdi’s stewardship.