A-Verdi in the Community: King of Trucks

Published On: October 12, 2014Categories: Special Events

King of trucks 1 and feature imageIf you have a passion for vintage vehicles, chances are you have heard of the King of Trucks in Central New York. If you’re not familiar with the event think Syracuse Nationals with trucks, jeeps, vans, and SUVs. This may undersell the event as you won’t find anything like the famous mud bog competition at the Syracuse Nationals. King of Trucks also features an off road obstacle course, ATV ride & drive track and a truck pull to keep guest entertained throughout the weekend of festivities. Happening the first week of June, this event truly captures what it means to be a truck enthusiast and will be a blast for anyone in attendance.

This year we had the pleasure of sponsoring the King of Trucks event by providing them with shipping containers they used to store equipment for the event. Our containers have always been a natural fit for car enthusiast all across Upstate New York. Long have our containers been used to store car parts and equipment for restoration projects on classic cars. Our customers enjoy the security of our containers protecting the car parts from thieves and the top of the line ventilation system that ensures they will not turn to a pile of rust before even making it on the vehicle. Our containers have also been used to store the vehicles themselves over the harsh Upstate New York winter.

As car and truck enthusiasts ourselves, we always enjoy getting to be part of great events like this one. This year’s event featured over 3,000 vintage tucks, jeeps, vans, and SUVs that we just couldn’t get enough of. It was a real treat for us to make it out to see some of these gems right here in our own back yard. We’re glad we were able to do our part for this event and are looking to be part of many great things to come in Upstate New York.