A-Verdi in the Community: Oswego Harborfest

Published On: July 7, 2016Categories: Special Events

Oswego HarborfestChances are if you live in upstate New York, you have heard of Harborfest. It is a weekend long festival at the end of July that brings music, food, entertainment, and fireworks to Oswego, New York. The fireworks display is the largest in the area and continues to impress visitors each year. The immersive show allows you to tune into a local radio station and listen to music that accompanies the fireworks. Each year the festival manages to draw in nearly a quarter of a million visitors. The event has become a fan favorite for many families all across central New York.

The whole city comes together each year to make Harborfest a local hit. All of the local parks open their doors and lengthen their hours to ensure everyone has a place to see the fireworks. Some local parking facilities dedicate space to people visiting for the festival. Hundreds of volunteers come together to make the event possible. The festival organizers do raffle giveaways, like this one for a new bike, as a way to try to give back to those who make sure the event goes smoothly. Local food vendors and entertainment keep people well fed and amused as they travel around the festival or wait for the fireworks display. Even local bridges and streets are shut down around the time of the fireworks as pedestrians flood to show.

This flood of tourism to the area has a huge economic impact on the region. The festival raises around $50 million each year for the city through sales tax and other fees like parking and employs around 700 local workers. The impact on local businesses is even greater than that as local bars, restaurants, and hotels are packed with visiting tourists who are in town for the show.

This year we are proud to sponsor Harborfest by providing them with ground level storage and office containers for the event. At the heart of Harborfest is the local community. Without them it would impossible to pull off something this spectacular every year. We are honored to be part of the upstate New York community and privileged to get to sponsor great events like this in area. As always we will be in attendance and can’t wait to see this year’s firework display!