A-Verdi 45ft Storage and Cartage Trailer

45ft Cartage trailer

A-Verdi Cartage Vans are great for local and short distance hauls.

48ft cartage trailer

A-Verdi Cartage Vans are convenient for loaders and drivers with swing or roll doors.

A-Verdi 48ft Storage and Cartage Trailer
A-Verdi 53ft Storage and Cartage Trailer

53ft cartAGE TRAILER

A-Verdi Cartage Vans are offered in many different sizes and licensed for over-the-road travel.


Dry van shipping is the most popular form of shipping. If you have freight that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, our A-Verdi cartage vans will fit any need. They come in different sizes, the largest possible being 53 feet, and can hold up to 26 full pallets. A-Verdi cartage vans hold large amounts cargo and keep that cargo safe from theft, road damage, and bad weather. Our friendly, local representatives are here to help find the right trailer rental solution for you, give us a call today at 1-800-248-3734.


A-Verdi Cartage Vans are a flexible, affordable, and convenient solution to a wide variety of shipping needs. From manufacturers looking to ship their products to the food and beverage industry shipping non-perishable goods, our dry vans can give you a secure space to protect your products from theft, weather, and damage during transportation.