A-Verdi Construction Storage Containers

Storage & Construction Solutions in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Utica, Binghamton & Surrounding Areas

Contractors use A-Verdi Storage Containers on construction sites for a safe, secure space to lock up tools & supplies for their jobs. The A-Verdi office/storage containers are a real advantage on a jobsite, providing you with sufficient storage space as well as an on-site, secure one unit office. A-Verdi has been proudly working with local New York Contractors for over 30 years and consistently provides superior service & quality storage containers.

Construction Storage Containers For Your Specific Needs

Our variety of storage containers ensures you have the space you need without overcrowding. Home & retail contractors use our 20′ Storage units for short term renovations or commercial build outs. Electrical, mechanical & glass contractors use our A-Verdi 20′ or 40′ construction storage containers for material & tool storage on large educational & commercial construction jobs near Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Utica, Binghamton or surrounding area.

In addition to providing you the space you need, our construction storage containers include safety features to ensure the security of tools, materials and more. Safety is one of the main concerns on jobsites, and our ground level products provide safety-minded solutions for storage containers & office/storage combinations without the need for adding stairs. Security is crucial to the efficiency of jobs, and that is why all our units are constructed of heavy 14 gauge steel, with heavy lockable cam latched doors. Our storage container units are also available with a lock box shelter for added security. The storage container’s lock box shelter protects your valuables by safeguarding the padlock from intruders & the weather.

Construction Storage Containers For Rent, Lease & Sale

If your construction site requires temporary storage, A-Verdi offers storage container rental. Our convenient temporary storage solutions include storage container delivery service. We understand that construction jobs have a lot to account for. Our storage container delivery makes your job easier, bringing you hassle-free secure solutions and added space.

As well as storage container rental, our construction storage containers can are available for lease or for sale in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany, Utica, Binghamton, Bath, Ithaca and Newburgh. Whether you need a storage container for sale, rent or lease, A-Verdi offers affordable storage solutions that have been trusted by both organizations and individuals.

How To Get Your Construction Storage Containers

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Uses & Applications

  • Jobsite Materials
  • Building Supplies
  • Changing / Break Rooms
  • Temporary Office / Meeting Space
  • Construction Tools
  • Site or Field Office
  • Pipe / Plumbing Supplies
  • Raw Materials & Supplies

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