Versatile Kwik Space: Three Decades of Excellence in Storage Solutions in Saratoga Springs, Now Continued by A-Verdi Storage Containers

For over thirty years, Versatile Kwik Space has been an essential provider of storage solutions in Saratoga Springs, NY. The journey began with Richard Woodcock’s humble beginnings at his family’s garage and towing business, delivering storage trailers and 20’ containers to local homes, businesses, and job sites near Saratoga Springs. Through dedication and hard work, Richard expanded the services to include 40’ shipping containers and modular site trailers throughout the Capital District of New York.

Expansion and Diversification in the 1990s

Growing Demand and New Product Lines As demand for versatile storage solutions grew in the 1990s, Versatile Kwik Space expanded its offerings with additional locations and product lines. This growth included the establishment of Versatile Trailer Sales and Versatile Sheds, catering to a wide range of customer needs. The primary office and facility were set up at 840 Saratoga Rd in Gansevoort, NY, just north of Saratoga Springs, with additional sites in Johnstown, Fort Ann, and Morrisonville near Plattsburgh.

Transition to A-Verdi Storage Containers

A New Chapter in 2014 In 2014, Rick and Denise decided to focus more on Versatile Sheds and Versatile Trailer Sales, seeking a local, family-owned company to carry forward the legacy of Versatile Kwik Space. A-Verdi Storage Containers stepped in, opening a new facility in Saratoga to ensure a seamless transition. This move allowed A-Verdi to continue serving Eastern NY with a comprehensive range of site storage options, maintaining the high standards set by Versatile Kwik Space.

A-Verdi Storage Containers: Upholding a Legacy of Quality and Service

Commitment to Excellence Today, A-Verdi remains dedicated to upholding the high standards of service and reliability that Versatile Kwik Space established over the years. Offering a wide variety of storage solutions, including storage trailers, shipping containers up to 40’, and site trailers, A-Verdi ensures that businesses, contractors, and homeowners across Eastern NY have access to top-quality storage options tailored to their specific needs.

Why Choose A-Verdi for Your Storage Needs?

Customized Solutions for Every Project A-Verdi provides customized storage solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of each project. Whether you need secure storage for construction sites, additional space for inventory, or temporary storage during a move, A-Verdi’s extensive range of products and services ensures you find the perfect fit.

Strategic Locations for Optimal Service With a primary office in Saratoga Springs and additional locations across Eastern NY, A-Verdi is strategically positioned to offer prompt and efficient service to customers throughout the region. This widespread presence allows for quick delivery and setup, ensuring that your storage needs are met with minimal disruption.

Contact Us Today For those seeking reliable and versatile storage solutions in Saratoga Springs and beyond, A-Verdi stands ready to provide unmatched service and expertise. Contact us today to explore how our storage solutions can support your projects and storage requirements effectively.