What Kind of Modified Shipping Container Do You Need?

Published On: September 1, 2023Categories: Commercial

A modified shipping container offers multiple applications for different organizations like construction companies, retail stores, and event organizers. Here’s how to know which shipping container modifications might be right for your project and where to get quality modified storage containers in New York.

1. Logo Painting

Do you have a logo or telephone number that you want displayed on the side of your shipping container? A custom paint job can make your important information visible to passersby. This is a great way to advertise, especially if your container is located near a road or busy intersection where it will be seen.

2. Heating and Cooling

If your storage container will be used for an office, dressing room, or medical area, heating and cooling is a must-have. Shipping containers can easily be modified to have window air conditioning units or ductless air conditioning and outlets for electric space heaters, making the space comfortable year-round no matter the weather.

3. Custom Doors and Windows

One of the most popular modifications for shipping containers is custom doors, including:

  • Rolling doors that can be opened or closed however much you need at any given time
  • Side doors that open the entire container to the outside
  • Double swing doors that have a wide entry for large equipment or bulky objects
  • Personnel doors that offer multiple entrances for employees and guests

Custom-tailored doors make certain tasks easier, like loading and storing supplies or displaying merchandise at an event. Windows can also be installed to suit different aesthetic styles and utility needs, including floor-to-ceiling windows for retail displays or barred windows for both ventilation and security.

4. Lighting

You can also have your storage container outfitted with custom lighting depending on what you’ll be using the container for. For example, vanity lighting can be added to an office container meant for a dressing room.

Containers are safely wired to have both built-in lighting and outlets for lamps and other electrical appliances, so you can choose the level of light that is most appropriate for your work.

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