Repurposed Conex Box Used to Keep Bikes Safe in Buffalo

Published On: March 6, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

Storage Container used as Bike RackDid you bike to work? An increasingly alarming amount of people answer no to that question every morning because of fear
that their bike with be stolen or damaged. Bike locks are often cut or seats and tires are stolen making most Americans uncomfortable leaving their bike outside for the eight hour workday. Communities have been working together to try to find solutions to these issues, as they try to encourage more and more people to choose this green form of transportation. One unique solution to this problem can be found right here in Western New York at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Facilities management worked with engineers to create a safe and secure bike storage unit made out of a portable shipping container. This unit can house 20 bikes and helps give users piece of mind when storing their bike for the work day. The storage container and surrounding areas are equipped with security cameras and are patrolled regularly ensuring that no funny business takes place while the owner is away. As an added level of security employees using the unit have to swipe their employee ID cards to enter making the bikes inaccessible to anyone who does not work for the medical center.

Conservation efforts like these are increasing in importance and popularity as we move forward. This is just one great example of how a Western New York company is using ISO containers for innovative green designs. There are plenty more examples of ecofriendly shipping container projects all across the world including bridges in Israel and homeless shelters in Hawaii. Storage containers are simple structures that can be used and reused as a building block for any project, and they are sure to last.

If you have any projects coming up that could use one of our storage containers, whether for storage or in a unique way like this, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can find the right container for you.