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Need More Space? We have a solution. A-Verdi can provide ground level storage delivered to your location. Our Storage Containers solve on-site storage needs for commercial, residential, construction, industrial, retail & educational customers. Our wide assortment of storage units and vast array of sizes makes it very convenient to get an economical & effective storage container solution for virtually any product or application.


Through hard work & service, A-Verdi has earned a name symbolic with storage containers. Throughout New York, when on a site, many people refer to a storage container as an “A-Verdi” (verdi trailer, verdi box or even averde storage box or verde trailer). We are not concerned about how our name is pronounced, only with the fact that you call A-Verdi for your storage needs.

Storage Container Solutions

Our storage container solutions are available in various sizes. This wide selection of storage containers makes A-Verdi especially qualified to suit the individual needs of a diverse range of customers, from individuals to businesses and everything in between.

In addition to varied sizes, our storage containers are available with varied door options. This allows you to choose the most practical storage container for your needs, allowing for a smooth, efficient process when adding or removing items from your storage container.

A-Verdi storage containers feature varied capacity, ensuring you’re able to receive the most suitable solution for your storage needs.

Secure Storage Solutions

A-Verdi storage containers feature locking doors that allow you to keep your valuables secure. A-Verdi’s secure storage containers feature dual locking doors that are only accessible by the person who rents or owns the storage container.

Storage Container Delivery

A-Verdi will deliver your storage container to your nearest terminal location. With terminal locations across all of New York state, A-Verdi’s storage container delivery makes our storage solutions convenient, accessible and timely.

For storage container delivery, complete our online request delivery form or call 1-800-248-3734.

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