Storage Containers

Storage containers

Need More Space? We have a solution. A-Verdi can provide ground level storage delivered to your location. Our Storage Containers solve on-site storage needs for commercial, residential, construction, industrial, retail & educational customers. Our wide assortment of storage units and vast array of sizes makes getting an economical & effective storage solution for virtually any product or application very convenient.


A-Verdi through hard work & service has earned a name symbolic with storage containers. Throughout New York when on a site many people refer to a storage container as an “A-Verdi” (verdi trailer, verdi box or even averde storage box or verde trailer). We are not concerned about how our name is pronounced only with the fact that you call A-Verdi for your storage needs.

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10′ Storage

20′ Storage

40′ Storage

20′ Quad Door

40′ Quad Door

40′ High Cube

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