A-Verdi 10ft Storage Container

10ft storage container

The 10′ storage container is perfect for when space is limited. Its small footprint makes it ideal for homeowners, restaurants, and contractors. The roof and walls are constructed with 14-gauge steel, together with the lockable doors, ensure that our containers are safe, secure, and incredibly durable.

20ft storage container

The A-Verdi 20′ Model is very popular with many customers including homeowners, automotive repair shops, schools, convenience stores, restaurants, and more. They work great when physical space is limited, but safe storage is needed.

A-Verdi 20ft Storage Container
A-Verdi 20ft Storage Container

20ft Quad Door Storage container

The A-Verdi 20′ Quad Door Model is the same as our 20′ Storage Container except there is an identical set of swinging secure steel doors on both ends of the unit.

40ft storage container

The 40′ storage container is popular among contractors and construction crews, as well as homeowners, small businesses, or anyone looking for extra storage space. These ground-level units are easy to use and made of sturdy 14-gauge steel.

A-Verdi 40ft Storage Container
A-Verdi 40ft Storage Container

40ft Quad Door Storage container

The A-Verdi 40′ Quad Door Model is the same as our 40′ Storage Container except there is an identical set of swinging secure steel doors on both ends of the unit.

40ft high cube stORage container

The A-Verdi 40′ High Cube model is the same as our 40′ storage container except that it is an additional 12″ tall.

A-Verdi 40ft Storage Container


Our storage container solutions are available in various sizes. This wide selection of storage containers makes A-Verdi especially qualified to suit the individual needs of a diverse range of customers, from individuals to businesses and everything in between. In addition to varied sizes, our shipping containers are available with varied door options. This allows you to choose the most practical storage container for your needs, allowing for a smooth, efficient process when adding or removing items from your storage container. A-Verdi portable containers feature varied capacity, ensuring you’re able to receive the most suitable solution for your storage needs.


A-Verdi storage containers are a great option for self storage. Why go through the hassle of an off-site self storage facility? A-Verdi will deliver one of our many solutions to you. Our tilt-bed trucks can fit into tight spaces allowing us to place a storage container almost anywhere you might need it. Using A-Verdi storage containers as a self-storage solution is easy, just give us a call 800-248-3734, and our friendly local representatives will get you started right away.


Professional sports teams like the New York Jets have found our containers come in handy when traveling to a new stadium for spring training. For years, they have used A-Verdi containers to keep practice and training equipment tucked away off the field. Not just the pros find this as a useful application for our containers, as many colleges and high schools have rented containers for similar temporary storage for athletic equipment. Also used as a way to keep important emergency medical supplies close by, our containers are an asset to many local and national sports teams.
A-Verdi Storage Containers are a flexible, affordable, and convenient solution to a wide variety of space needs. From home owners looking to remodel to construction workers building a skyscraper, our containers can give you a secure space to store tools and materials on any job site. We deliver our containers directly to you, saving you time and the hassle of hauling your belongings to an off-site storage facility.
Perhaps you’re remodeling the office and need a space to store the new fixtures and furniture while you figure out how to dispose of the old office equipment. Our storage containers give you a clean and dry space to store all this and more, keeping your work space professional and organized throughout the process.

Maybe you own a small business and need extra room to store excess inventory and supplies. Whether it’s weed killer and grass seed for your landscaping business or seasonal decorations for your craft store, our shipping containers provide ample space to get your inventory under control and out of the way. Our units are also great for storing extra documents at your home or small office.

Business and homeowners alike appreciate our containers ability to keep large, bulky equipment stored safely out of the way. Our cross-ventilation system keeps moisture out of the container, ensuring that equipment you store stays dry. Everything from lawn mowers to jackhammers can be kept safe from theft and the elements until you need them.