A-Verdi 20ft Storage Container
A-Verdi 20ft Storage Container Specs

The extra set of doors makes these units extremely convenient for loading, unloading, & storing your products. The flexibility of the A-Verdi Quad Door unit provides great savings of time & money for our customers. Our quad door containers feature easy to open, swing doors on both ends. The roof and walls are crafted with 14-gauge steel making them incredibly durable. The floor is made of a sturdy 1.125” Marine grade wood. Our units are ground level, promoting ease of use. The sturdy frame and lockable doors ensure that your belongings are safe and secure. Cross-ventilation in all corners eliminates condensation and keeps your possessions clean and dry for years. Units are forklift accessible for moving pallets or other heavy objects.

Exterior Interior
Length 20′ 19’4″
Width 8′ 7’5″
Height 8’5″ 7’5″
Weight 4,850 lbs. N/A
Capacity N/A 1100 cu. ft.