We want to have a range of convenient storage options for each and every customer and sometimes this means making specialty units to fit their needs. We are flexible and willing to work with you to find a specific solution to your space needs.

We offer many different units, please call us today at 800-248-3734 to discuss your requirements.

A-Verdi Storage Container with Open Side Doors

Open Side

20′ or 40′ storage containers can be set up with a 96″ accordion-style double swing door on the side. This maximizes the storage space in the container & creates the most usable layout.


20′ or 40′ storage containers can be set up with 4 doors on the side. This setup offers easy access & creates an highly organizable layout.

A-Verdi Storage Containers Side Door
A-Verdi NYSED School Storage Container


20′ or 40′ Storage container with approved NYSED Exit Device & Venting. NYSED (New York State Education Department) requires that a storage container have interior exit device on the doors & added louver for ventilation. We are the first container supplier to provide a solution to meet all of the requirements of NYSED.


24′ Storage container is custom built 24′ long to provide a full 23′ inside to store the pipe that comes in 21′ or 22′ lengths & not have wasted space in the unit. These units are all built with a high security lock box enclosure on the doors to keep your steel & copper piping secure onsite. This unit can also be equipped with modular pipe racks on both walls for added access & organization.

A-Verdi Storage Container with 24ft Pipe Storage
A-Verdi Climate Controlled Storage Container with Electrical


40′ Insulated container unit with a heavy duty climate controlled HVAC & lighting inside. These units can be used in many different ways—storage of sensitive items, as an office area, jobsite soil, or a concrete inspection lab. We can even provide custom wiring.