Using Storage Containers to Store Car Parts

Published On: August 15, 2015Categories: Residential

There are few things more important to a man than his car. From our first beater when were a young kid to our prized antiques we hand each vehicle we own with care. When working on our cars we spare no expense in making sure the job is done and done right. A-Verdi Storage Containers can be a big help during your next restoration project.

Car Parts Feature Image

Is it time to get back into the old 57’ Chevy? Our 20’ shipping containers will be more than enough room to store all of the car parts in an organized & secure fashion so you can find what you need when you need it. Our units have a natural ventilation system that will allow the temperature in the unit to change with the temperature outside so you don’t get condensation built up inside of the container. We know how important the project is to you, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve worked on it, so we take every step necessary to make sure the parts stay clean and organized.

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The importance of keeping your vehicle parts safe, secure, and clean is second to none. All of our freight container rentals come upgraded with the A-Verdi Vent System to eliminate condensation so the metal auto parts don’t turn into a pile of rust during the restoration even begins. In addition to the ventilation, we also offer units with a Lock Box Enclosure that is installed on the doors where you can safely hide a lock that cannot be reached with bolt cutters or a grinder in order to keep sticky fingers out of your highly valued car parts. The biggest benefit of the 20’ Storage Containers is that it can be delivered to your home with a smaller roll back truck in order to get the unit to your home where you need it most.

Car Parts 2

Take yourself back to the days when you were cruising around town in that ‘57 Chevy without a care in the world. We want to help get you back to those days by renting a 20’ Storage Container to keep your project on schedule without any interference from Mother Nature or any other issues that could happen when you have all the parts from the car laying around.