Top 4 Construction Site Security Tips Using Storage Containers

Published On: August 1, 2023Categories: Construction

Construction sites in upstate New York are prime targets for theft. Expensive materials and equipment can be quickly and easily stolen from open sites, and catching thieves can be difficult without concrete evidence. Here are four simple but effective construction site security tips and where to get the materials you need to keep your equipment safe.

1. Install Video Surveillance

If someone steals from your construction site and gets out undetected, the chances of getting them after-the-fact is slim if you don’t have picture or video evidence. Even then, grainy or unclear footage may not clinch your case.

Make sure you have a high-quality security system with video surveillance installed at your construction site. This deters would-be criminals and helps catch the ones brave enough to try.

2. Keep Your Construction Site Well-Lit

Another way to keep bad actors away from your upstate NY industrial site is to keep it lit at night. Bright fluorescent lighting that illuminates dark corners and areas with video surveillance also ensures that your cameras catch as many details on film as possible.

3. Screen Employees

Many construction site robberies are committed by employees themselves when the site foreman is least expecting it. An important component of construction site security is to act as though anyone could be a culprit, because unfortunately, they can.

Conduct background checks on employees and make sure they have an ID badge that can be visible at all times when they are on site. This helps you identify anyone who doesn’t have a badge or the authorization to be on the job site more quickly so you can have them removed.

4. Lock Up Tools and Equipment Overnight

Finally, keep your expensive tools and portable equipment in a securely locked building. Ideally, it would be one with no windows and only a single point of entry. This makes breaking in more difficult and thieves are less likely to be interested in a storage container without windows, since they won’t be able to see whether or not the items inside are worth breaking in for.

Where To Order Your Construction Site Storage Container

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