Storage and Shipping Containers…What’s The Difference?

Published On: April 12, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

The container business has come up with a lot of different names for their products over the years. Most of these names have rightfully become synonyms for each other in the eyes of your average customer. So when you’re buying a container how do you decide whether or not you need a storage container, shipping container, cargo container, conex box, seacan, ISO container, ocean container or any of the other possible names people have come up with for our steel storage boxes.

Well, here at A-Verdi, we don’t think there really is a big difference between any of these products. All of our containers are made from 14-gauge corrugated steel with all the necessary bells and whistles to do any jobs you would need from all of these containers. We believe the key to what makes a good container for you doesn’t lie within its name but instead within your needs for the container and we’re always willing to help you work out those needs to find the best storage space for you.

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Your first question for deciding which container is right for you would be: “How long do I need this for?” At A-Verdi the majority of our business is done through rentals but we are always willing to part ways with one of our many containers if a customer has a long term need for storage. So, first take a moment to think how long you need your container. If it is just for a remodel or something along those lines, we suggest renting a unit as this will be much cheaper for you, but if you foresee a reoccurring frequent need for storage don’t hesitate to ask your friendly A-Verdi sales team member about purchasing a unit.

Your next step when purchasing from most container businesses would be to determine what condition you want your container to be. If you are storing something like construction equipment you may want to cut cost and buy or rent a used container while if you’re storing valuable household goods you may want a brand new one. At A-Verdi we start each rental by asking you what you plan to store and from there we determine how (if at all) worn your container can be using our very own grading system. When purchasing a container we work with you to provide the best container for your price range and current needs.Different names 2

The final step, after deciding whether to buy or rent, is to determine the size of container you need. We offer 20’ and 40’ containers as our standard models. We have custom models including 20’ and 40’ ground level office containers, 10’ storage containers, and quad door containers with two doors at each end. If none of these fit your need, let you’re A-Verdi sales team member know and we can work with you to find the right fit for you which may even be a custom box. With our own in house metal shop we have done customer creations which included everything from adding decals to the side of the container to putting in a front door and window.

Worrying about the hundreds of names we have come up with in the business for storage containers is something we don’t recommend. If you’re looking to buy, rent, or get a quote on a storage container give us a call and we can walk you through all of these steps and a few more to make sure you end up with a storage space that is the perfect solution to your storage problem.