The Different Types Of A-Verdi Storage Containers

Published On: September 9, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

Here at A-Verdi we have a wide range of container types and sizes that each serve a unique purpose. We have a diverse group of customers that need containers that can provide storage at their retail stores, construction sites, special events, and home remodels. Not one size and model is right for all these individual jobs and that’s why we have created some specialty containers that serve some niche needs. This article will introduce you to all our standard and specialty models, giving you an idea of some situations we see them used in every day.

Standard containers

20' Storage ContainersAll our containers are made with 14-gauge corrugated steel, giving them a sturdy frame that can hold up to the worst weather. Our standard containers come in 20’ and 40’ sizes. We also offer a specialty size of 10’ for when you have trouble fitting a larger model onsite. The containers all feature plywood floors, vents at the top corners (to keep condensation from forming), and 2 swing style doors at one end of the container.

These units are used in a wide range of projects. As our most common model they are meant to fit a variety of different needs. We have partnered with local retailers like Bass Pro in Auburn New York, manufactures like Barilla Pasta in Avon New York, as well as local contractors and homeowners across all of Upstate New York. The containers provide a very flexible space that can be used to store nearly anything.

Quad door containers

40' Quad Door Shipping Container

Much like our standard containers, quad door containers provide a blank storage space can be adapted to a wide variety of needs. These containers look and work just like our standard units except they have an additional set of swing doors at the other end of the container, meaning you can easily enter and access things from both sides. These units are perfect for anyone who plans to fill the container but needs regular access to plenty of different things inside. An example of how we’ve seen these containers used in action can be found on construction sites. Project managers will choose to store building materials at one end of the container and tools on the other. They constantly need access to both tools and materials making this container a perfect fit for them.

High cube Containers

40' High Cube Storage ContainerHigh cube containers are exactly like our standard units except they add an extra foot of height to your storage space. These units come in especially handy when trying to store large equipment on construction sites or at retail locations. The most common example we find our high cube units being rented for is when a company or contractor needs to store a forklift. Large industrial forklifts tend to be around 9’ tall meaning they won’t fit in our standard 8.5’ container. Because of how they are designed you can’t tilt the vehicle or re-angle it to somehow fit another way, meaning a high cube is your only option for portable storage.

Ground level office containers

20' Ground Level Office ContainerGround level office containers take the comfort of an office space and place it inside a storage container. We insulate the walls of these units and install at least a few windows. Typically we cover the outside of our windows with steel bars to protect them from thieves or a stray projectile. This feature can be customized to meet your needs with an extra level of security for bad neighborhoods or no security at all if you need to be working from the window like at a ticket booth. From there we add lighting, a work space, electrical outlets and HVAC to the unit, completing the office. To make the unit fully functional all you have to do is hook it up to a 220v electrical source and you’re in business.

These units are flexible on how they are used so we see quite a few unique examples every day. The most common usage examples, however, are using the space to run/organize a festival, manage a construction site, and as a ticket booth for your special event.

Office combo containers

40' Office Combo container

Office combo containers are exactly what the name implies, a mixture of storage and office space. These units come in both 20’ and 40’ sizes which determines what percentage of the container is storage and what is office space. The 20’ models are split right down the middle with an 8’ x 10’ storage space and an 8’ x 10’ office space while the 40’ models are split to have an 8’ x 16’ office space and an 8’ x 24’ storage space. There is a wall separating the two spaces with a door for easily moving between storage and the office. These units also feature 2 swing style doors at either end of the container, much like our quad door models.

We see our combo units used for a few different purposes. They tend to find a home on construction sites where project managers can store tools, materials, and equipment in the storage half while using the other side as a workspace and meeting room for the crew. They also work well at festivals and special events where the office space can be used to manage the event or sell tickets while the storage space holds promotional giveaways or supplies for the event.

Any questions?

If you have any question or would like more information regarding our different styles of containers, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-248-3734. If you’re interested in purchasing or renting one of our containers you can always request a free quote over the phone. We are always happy to help Upstate New York with all of their storage needs and look forward to working with you!