A-Verdi at the Finger Lakes Music & Wine Festival

Published On: April 7, 2016Categories: Special Events

20' Office Containers at the Finger Lakes Music and Wine Festival4 years gone but forever in our hearts, the Finger Lakes Music and Wine Festival was a celebration of exactly what the name implies; music and wine from the Finger Lakes area. The event was last held in 2012 in the city of Geneva. Local bands from Upstate New York, like Big Eyed Phish and The Dan Eaton Band, filled the beautiful Lakefront Park for the event. Although every Finger Lakes Music and Wine Festival was something to see there was something different about this one. That year they were looking to beat the Guinness world record for largest wine tasting event. Saturday August 18th, thousands of people packed into the park trying to be part of this special event.

In just a quick few years from the event’s birth, it was going for world record attempt for largest wine tasting event ever. As you could imagine, managing something this big was going to be a difficult task and require involvement from many different community members. We here at A-Verdi found a way to do our part for the event by donating ground level office and storage containers.

The office container was used as a main office for the event. It was a safe and secure space for ticket money to be store away Ground Level Office Container as Main Event Officefrom the hustle and bustle of the front lines. The office came with a HVAC unit and a desk making them a cool and comfortable work space for staff managing the event. Our units feature full power once hooked into a 220 volt source which festival managers used to charge devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones which keep the event coordinated and running smoothly. Our storage containers were used to house equipment for the event, keeping things organized and out of the way so more people could fit in for the record breaking attempt.

Sadly, the Finger Lakes Music and Wine Festival came up just shy of beating the record. This being said it was still a massive event that brought together people from all across Upstate New York and the north east. We were happy to lend a hand and do our part to make sure the event ran smoothly. Our ground level office containers have proven to be an asset at any festival or special event as they provide a professional office space anywhere a container can be placed. Our slogan at A-Verdi is “part of many great things” and although we were unable to beat that record this one still goes down as pretty great in our books.