How to Make a Shipping Container Office for a Construction Site in New York

Published On: June 15, 2023Categories: Commercial

New York construction sites are busy places, with heavy equipment and dirt flying everywhere. Your company needs a home base where you can store important files, protect critical electronics, and offer employees a comfortable place to rest. A modified shipping container office can be just the solution.

Here’s how to get started setting up a construction site shipping container office and where you can find top quality storage containers with the special features you need.

1. Decide What’s Going Into the Office

Think about what you need your office for and how you want it to perform. Do you need to lay large blueprints out on a table or do you need somewhere for employees to eat lunch? Consider things like tables, shelves, chairs, a refrigerator, and other key items that you’re going to need.

2. Maximize Space

Office containers have enough space for what you need but not a lot more. It’s a good idea to look for ways you can maximize space, like installing high shelves that use vertical space or investing in a folding table that can be put against the wall when it’s not in use.

3. Secure Electronics & Furniture

With heavy equipment abounding, construction site offices often shake and vibrate. If you’re storing expensive electronics or have shelves against the wall, make sure they’re bolted down or secured some other way. The last thing you want is to damage anything inside the office, or worse, injure an employee inside.

4. Add Creature Comforts

Finally, think about how you can make the space more comfortable for the people who will be using it. Heating and air conditioning is key, and many modified shipping containers for construction offices in New York already come with everything you need to plug in a window AC or space heater. Some are even outfitted with HVAC already!

Other things that may be included in a construction trailer are utility rugs to keep dirt at the door, different types of lighting that can be used depending on the project and time of day, or a handwashing station that employees can use to clean up before eating or after their shift.

Get Expert Help From Our Shipping Container Specialists

No matter how you set your shipping container construction office up, you can be sure that having everything on site and at hand will be a game changer for you and your team. At A-Verdi Storage Containers, we offer ready-to-go shipping containers in upstate NY for all your commercial and industrial needs.

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