Kind Words from Our Customers – Testimonials

Published On: January 3, 2013Categories: Uncategorized

Sometimes it may seem like we spend a lot of time talking ourselves up. We boast having fast delivery times and the best service around but without evidence to back up these claims they mean nothing. Lucky for us, we often hear glowing feedback from our customers supporting these assertions. We understand that sometimes word of mouth can be the biggest determining factor in 20' Storage Container in Winter at Residential Homeyour purchase decision process, so we wanted to share with you what our past customers have to say about A-Verdi Storage

We often brag about having durable containers that keep your belongings safe from the elements. This testimonial from our customer Susie shows this feature in action as she used our shipping container to store here extra possessions that she just didn’t have space for anymore for 5 years and was quite pleased with the result:

“I just wanted to let you guys know that your containers and service are AMAZING!!! I have had mine for 5 yrs. now and I went in it for the first time after being away from it for so long (5 yrs.) and found through the out all the years of season changes in upstate NY … there was No mold no weather damage, NO bugs of any kind no mice no nothing but my life belongings all safe and sound!!! I really appreciate your business and will be recommending you to everyone I know who needs storage and everyone who does not!!! You guys saved me soooooooo much money and you have no idea how grateful I am that you were true to your word and advertising. not to mention your delivery men are so awesome, experienced and talented it’s mind blowing sooo kudos to you A-Verdi well done…. well done … And from the bottom of my heart thank you!!!!!” – Susie S.


Here at A-Verdi, we also enjoy telling customers about our highly talented and experienced delivery specialist. Over the years we have gotten countless positive feedback on their level of professionalism and ability to get the job done regardless of the conditions. Here’s some kind words from Sue, Corey, and Gary that can help speak to that point:

“The container is working out great for this basement plumbing! The delivery guy did an awesome job backing it in the yard too!” -Sue J.

“Good morning! I just wanted to say that our driver was excellent. Dropped the unit in a dime, very nice and a hustler!” -Corey K.

“Please let the transportation Supervisor know that I said that Dave, the driver that delivered my second storage unit is a real magician with that truck. He placed the container in a very tight spot on greasy mud exactly as I wanted it. The rain that I feared happened on Thursday very early and turned the road up to my cabin into a slick slide. Dave and I managed to figure it out and because the placement position was newly graded it too was a mud hole. Dave used the ramp like a magic wand and got that big chunk of steel in the right spot.” -Gary G.

Finally, we like to tell you about how we have great customer service and are always willing to work with each customer to fit their specific needs. Check out these testimonials from our customers who felt the same way:

“Confirming we have received the containers and we are very pleased with the condition and quality of the paint that was applied. It’s almost an exact match to our metal siding that is installed on the buildings there.” -Dan G.

“Thank you again for getting our containers moved on such short notice, The driver rick did a Great job ” -Rob B.

Thank you A-VERDI for the great price and set up on the 40′ storage containers. From the sales team to delivery, the service was terrific. Having purchased 2 of them so far we are still amazed at the amount of school supplies we can store in them.” -John M.

“I am a non-commercial, private party renting a 40 ft. container from A-Verdi. The salesman was professional and polite during phone calls and emails. He followed up on all the questions I had. The driver was also professional, courteous and proficient. He settled and leveled the container quickly; he was in and out in 15 minutes.” -Catherine S.

So next times you hear us say that we have top notch service, superior delivery, and a quality product don’t just take our word for it. Know that there are plenty of happy A-Verdi customers out there who have been so elated with our products and services that they took the time to let us know. We appreciate all your feedback, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email and let us know what you thought and how we can improve.