LaGuardia Enterprises Inc.: Over 30 Years of Excellence in Trailers and Containers, Now Continued by A-Verdi Storage Containers

Since its inception in 1976, LaGuardia Enterprises Inc. has been a prominent leader in the trailers and containers industry, serving New York State with distinction for over 30 years. Specializing in the sale and leasing of standard and refrigerated shipping containers, LaGuardia Enterprises catered to a diverse clientele including private individuals, retail stores, contractors, governmental agencies, and wholesalers. Their extensive inventory featured a wide range of portable steel and refrigerated ground-level containers, available in sizes from 20’ to 40’.

Diverse and Durable Container Solutions

Standard and Refrigerated Containers LaGuardia Enterprises’ containers are renowned for their durability and longevity, designed to withstand heavy loads for both international and domestic shipping needs. Whether you require standard shipping containers or refrigerated units, LaGuardia provided solutions that met the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Specialty Containers and Custom Modifications In addition to standard offerings, LaGuardia Enterprises excelled in providing specialty sea containers and customized modifications. These bespoke solutions were tailored to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring that every storage or shipping need was addressed with precision. Container accessories were also available to enhance functionality and convenience.

Strategic Growth and Expansion

From Rotterdam Industrial Park to Northeast Industrial Park Initially operating from a small building in Rotterdam Industrial Park, LaGuardia Enterprises expanded over the years, relocating to a larger facility in Northeast Industrial Park, Guilderland, NY. This strategic move enabled them to enhance their operational capabilities, better serving their growing customer base around the NY State Capital District with improved logistics and service efficiency.

Rebranding to Container Mania During this period of growth, LaGuardia Enterprises launched a website at and rebranded their online presence to Container Mania. This rebranding effort helped them reach a wider audience and streamline their customer service processes.

A Seamless Transition to A-Verdi Storage Containers

Continuing the Legacy of Excellence In a strategic decision to transition into retirement, Brian and his wife sought a trusted local family-owned business to continue LaGuardia Enterprises’ and Container Mania’s legacy of excellence. A-Verdi Storage Containers was chosen to uphold the same high standards of quality and service that the LaGuardia family had established over the decades.

Commitment to Quality and Service Today, A-Verdi proudly carries forward the tradition of LaGuardia Enterprises, ensuring customers receive top-notch service and access to high-quality containers and trailers. Whether for sale, lease, or custom modifications, A-Verdi remains committed to meeting the diverse storage and shipping needs of clients across the Capital District and throughout New York State.

Discover the A-Verdi Advantage

Extensive Container Solutions for Every Need A-Verdi offers an extensive range of container solutions, designed to benefit both businesses and personal storage requirements. From durable 20’ and 40’ containers to specialized and refrigerated units, A-Verdi’s inventory is equipped to handle any challenge.

Customized Modifications and Accessories For clients needing tailored solutions, A-Verdi provides custom modifications and a variety of container accessories. These options ensure that every container is perfectly suited to the specific needs of the customer, whether for storage, shipping, or other applications.

Contact Us Today Explore how A-Verdi’s extensive container solutions can benefit your business or personal storage requirements. Contact A-Verdi today to discover the quality and reliability that have defined LaGuardia Enterprises and continue to thrive under A-Verdi’s stewardship.