Storage Containers Prove Useful to Local NY Sports Teams

Published On: May 20, 2016Categories: Commercial

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It has become the normal to expect some sort of giveaway or promotional event when you go to a professional baseball game. Whether you’re heading to New York City for a Yankees game or a little closer to home, like central New York for an Auburn Doubledays game, you’re sure to get a complimentary gift for showing up early. As a baseball fan, the shelves in my room are lined with bobble heads and mugs from some of my favorite games.

Do you ever wonder how teams store all these promotional items? Some are shipped in up to a week ahead of time and, as you
could imagine, there isn’t room for 1,000 bobble heads around the office. How about stadium upgrades. A stadium needs renovation Local Sports teams 2once every ten years to stay current with the latest trends and technology, but where do they store all the equipment while they do these renovations. Even something as simple as the fireworks displays or the mascot costume need to be stored between games or on lengthy road trips. With all these storage needs and very limited space how do these professional sports teams deal with their storage problems? That’s where we come in.

We provide ground level office and storage containers that are the perfect storage solutions for both professional and amateur sports teams alike. We offer 20’,40’ and custom size models that are sure to meet your storage needs. They are weather tight so no rain will get in, ensuring your giveaways are not soggy. You can request a lockbox on your container making sure that your generous giveaways are not stolen by local vandals.

We have had the joy of working with local central New York teams like the Auburn Doubledays. They tell us that our storage containers and a practical and affordable solution to their storage needs. As a local family owned business, customers like this are the lifeblood of our organization. We can’t thank them enough for their continued business and community involvement. So next time you’re out at the game take a look to see if you can’t find an A-Verdi storage container on site.