A-Verdi in the Community: The Great New York State Fair

Published On: May 16, 2016Categories: Special Events

nyslogoOnce a year, at the end of summer, we come together as a state and celebrate what it means to live in New York. In 1890 Syracuse was selected to be the gathering place of this grand celebration and has been home to the Great New York State Fair ever since. The event draws hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who travel from all across the state to Central New York for the festivities. It has become a twelve day long showcase of entertainment, agriculture, education and technology and is a yearly tradition for most Upstate New York families. With iconic exhibits like the sand and butter sculptures the fair has earned its place in the heart all New Yorkers

Here are some statistics that will help you understand how big of an event this is to the local community and economy:

  • The attendance record was set in 2001 as just over 1 million visitors made the trip out
  • The average fair goer drives almost 2 hours to attend the fair
  • 95% of fair goers are local to New York State and 43% are local to the Syracuse area
  • The average fairgoer spends around $80 per day at the fair
  • Most attendees visit the fair multiple times during the 12 day event
  • 83% of families bring their children to the event

With nearly a thousand exhibits and events, hundreds of vendors and hundreds of thousands of visitors the state fair is no small event. It takes extensive community involvement and support from the locals to pull off each year. This year we are proud to be one of the many community members sponsoring the fair. We will be providing ground level storage and office containers to house equipment and staff for the event. We have also rented our containers to quite a few vendors at the event to help them make the most out of their tight space. Our slogan at A-Verdi is “We are always striving to be part of many great things” and there aren’t many greater events in Central New York than the Great New York State Fair.