Storage Containers Create a Better Obstacle Course

Published On: August 22, 2015Categories: Special Events

From construction sites to home remodels, you know our containers are a durable and secure option for a wide range of storage needs but the same security and durability that makes them amazing on jobsites also gives them some other interesting uses and applications. Today we wanted to share one of the more interesting uses we’ve rented our A-Verdi containers for, an obstacle course. On any good obstacle course variety is key. No one would go to a course that is just a mile long tire run or six walls back to back, they want to be put to the test using different skill sets and muscle groups. Containers provide a sturdy obstacle for any course that is sure to hold up to the weather. Whether you’re running through, climbing over, or stacking them storage containers are a simple solution to adding another obstacle to your course that is guaranteed to last.

Our containers are not just your ordinary obstacle. They can provide additional functionality by being used for their original purpose, storage. By day the container is empty and serves as a fun obstacle for course runners but at night the container stores other obstacles and equipment that can’t be left out. In addition to being a great storage space, and a durable obstacle, we have seen our ground level office containers used at the end of the course as an area to cool off and serve refreshments. These units are air conditioned making them exactly what the course runners need after the grueling challenge.

Obstacle Course 1 and Feature

This year we had the honor of working with Tough Mudder which is a 10-12 mile obstacle course that forces visitors to work together and complete the adrenaline pumping challenges as a group. They rented one of our 40’ units for an obstacle but also found it handy for storing extra equipment and supplies. Tough Mudder makes trips all across country as well as the rest of North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, and Deutschland. This year the event will return to Western New York next year on the weekend of August 27th & 28th.

Partnering with national events like this, when they come to Upstate New York, is important to us at A-Verdi. We especially love it when they show us new uses for our containers. As a local family owned business we want to do our part to keep events like this coming to the area so our local community can enjoy them for years to come. We are always looking to be part of many great things happening right here in our own backyard and can’t wait for the next one!