6 Ways you can Personalize Your A-Verdi Container

Published On: April 24, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

Choosing the right features and add-ons for your A-Verdi Storage Container can really help you get the most out of it. Many people call in and have us help them through the process of ordering their container but fail to realize all the options they have when deciding what container they want, and what they want in it. For a small added fee we have a range of different options that will have you loving your storage container that much more.


High Cube ContainerOur containers come in standard lengths of 20 and 40 feet. Customers can request a smaller box that is only 10 feet in length for when you’re cramped on space. Picking which length is right for you depends on how much you need to store and how much room you have to place a container. Longer units are more expensive but offer a better price per square foot making them the most value for your buck. Our standard units, regardless of length, have a height of 8’6” which is generally tall enough to store most household goods or construction equipment but if you find yourself struggling to fit some larger items like a forklift in your container we also offer high cube models. These containers are 1 foot taller than the standard A-Verdi container. To the right you’ll see one of our favorite photos from a customer who purchased a high cube and stored his boat and car on top of each other.


Personalizing 2Although our containers are ground level, frequent trips inside with a forklift or handcart will quickly have you realizing that the small distance from the ground to inside the container can cause a serious problem. The problem is worsened by the fact that is a best practice to place wooden blocks under the corners of the container, raising it further off the ground, to promote ventilation, keep the container level, and prevent any damage to the surface you are setting it on. Lucky for you we have a couple different options that will help your wheeled vehicle or device move easily in and out of your storage container.

  • Forklift Ramp – 15,000 lb capacity, 54”x48”
  • Hand Truck Ramp – 750 lb capacity, 36”x35”


Each of our units are touched up every time they come back to our facility to ensure that they are free of any major damage and that the doors are still opening and closing smoothly. This is why we don’t offer models, like some of our competitors, with special easier to open doors. However, this being said, we still of a specialty container with doors at both ends for people who need more constant access to both sides of the container. These models come in our standard 20 and 40 foot sizes.

Office/Storage space

By now most people are aware that in addition to our standard storage containers we also provide office containers that add power, HVAC, lighting, a desk, and insulation to our usual box. What many people are still unaware of is you can get combo units that are part normal storage container and part office unit. These units have been perfect for managers of construction sites or festivals organizers who need the office space to run the event and the storage space for tools and equipment. These combo units come in both a 20’ model, where the unit is cut in half with an 8’x10’ office space and an 8’x10’ storage space, and our 40’ model, with an 8’x16’ office space and an 8’x24’ storage space.


On site tools 2Security is always a concern for our customers and we have worked hard to try to alleviate these worries to the best of our ability. If you are renting a unit for personal use and live in a relatively safe neighborhood your standard pad lock is all you should need to keep your belongings secure but if you are storing expensive tools and construction equipment or live in a high crime rate area we have come up with a solution to keep the average thief out of your stuff. If you feel your items are at risk you can request one of our steel lockboxes. You will still need a padlock to lock the container but the steel lockbox protects your lock from being cut off with bolt cutters or any other conventional tool. Without the key, thieves would have to remove the welded steel lockbox from the container before being able to get at your lock.


Personalizing 4Often times when people rent our storage containers they end up playing a game of Tetris where they attempt to stack everything perfectly in the container with minimal space in between. Although this may be the most effective way to pack as much stuff as possible into the container it doesn’t always make for the easiest unload and makes it incredibly difficult to find anything in storage. We offer a few different shelving solutions that help you optimize space while still keeping your container organized. You should note that it requires at least two of any brackets below to make a shelving unit.

  • Shelving Brackets – 2 shelf decks, customer must supply 2”x4” wooden planks to complete unit
  • Pipe Brackets – 4 arms per bracket, arms are at an angle to better store round objects like piping
  • Bike/ Apparel Bracket – A more sturdy bracket with pegs meant for hanging your bike or apparel

Please note that many of the above accessories cost a little extra but we believe they are more than worth it as they each provide a unique benefit like keeping your equipment safe or being able to fit more in your container while keeping it organized. If you have any question on whether or not you think one of our features or add-ons might be right for you, let our A-Verdi Sales Specialist know and they can work with you to determine which products are right for your situation.