A Renters Guide to A-Verdi Storage Containers

Published On: July 6, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

Increasing in popularity, metal storage containers are an affordable way to store anything from construction equipment to house hold belongings. We provide containers to all of Upstate New York with five facilities placed strategically around the state. Containers are changing the way people think about storage as value is found in the convenience of mobile storage compared to the traditional offsite storage facility. This guide will help you get acquainted with our containers and services as well as answer some common question by our customers.

Why choose a storage container for your space needs?

Our storage containers are crafted from 14-gauge corrugated steel and are tough enough to hold up against the worst weather conditions. They are engineered to keep moisture out, mRenters guide 1 and Featureaking sure whatever you store stays dry and out of the elements. Containers are delivered directly to your site and then place right where you need them, making what you choose to store easily accessible when you need it. Our containers come in a variety of sizes to better fit your exact needs. We grade our containers and send you the best container for what you plan to store, meaning if you are doing a home remodel we provide you with a clean, like new, container that is sure to not contaminate your belongings.

We have an onsite fabrication shop that allows us to refurbish the units keeping them in top working order. This includes routine maintenance like patching rust, removing dents, and giving the units a fresh coat of paint. A big complaint in the industry container doors degrade over time and become increasingly difficult to open. This is another example of something we use our onsite fabrication shop to handle. We spend time making small adjustments and grinding down problem areas to ensure that the doors to your A-Verdi container always open smoothly.

We have a wide range of accessories that help you get the most out of your storage space. We have three different types of shelving brackets which can organize anything from boxes full of records to mountain bikes. We offer two different types of ramps; one made for hand carts and smaller wheeled devices, the other for forklifts and heavy equipment. We can also install a steel lockbox over where your padlock goes, adding an extra layer of security to your container and ensuring that no one will be able to cut off your lock.

Should I rent or buy a storage container?

Choosing to buy or rent a container can be difficult for some but we have come up with some simple guidelines to help you understand when you should rent and when you should buy. Typically you are going to want to rent your container as in most situations it is the more affordable options.

However, that being said there are still times when you may want to consider buying a container that fits your specific needs. The first of these is if you are going to need the container for more than three years. It starts to become more cost effective to buy the container outright rather than keep paying monthly rent at this point. You do want to note that when you take over ownership of the container maintenance becomes your responsibility. Our storage containers are relatively low maintenance so you shouldn’t incur to many additional cost but any work you need done to patch rust or fix the doors and floor, will have to come out of your pocket.

renters guide 2The other situation where it becomes a better idea to buy rather than rent is if you plan to make major modifications to the trailer. Although we do our best to work with customers who have customization needs, we are unable to make major modifications to the unit’s structure. These tend to be irreversible making the container unable to be rented to anyone who does want those same modifications. If you are looking for a custom container it is best that you choose to purchase. We can often do the modifications in house once you purchase the container but this will have to be discussed with an A-Verdi sales representative.

Where does the cost of my container come from?

Your cost to rent a container comes from three places; delivery and pickup, insurance and the cost of renting the container. Often times our customers are surprised to see an insurance fee on their bill but this can end up saving you a ton of money in the long run.Renters guide 3 The insurance protects the container from any unavoidable damage from things like floods, fire, and theft. Considering our standard containers cost on average between $2,000 and $5,000 it’s something you’re not going to want to be without. You can purchase your own insurance from your insurance provider but you will have to send us a completed insurance waiver form before renting the container to avoid the fee.

When renting a container, you will be charged for both pickup and delivery on your first bill. We choose to put the pickup cost upfront to avoid any situation where you want the unit picked up but you don’t have the money to pay for it. Pickup and delivery are the same fee that is calculated based on how far you live from our nearest facility as well as how long it will take to deliver/setup and pick up your container.

What size container do I need?

Storage containers come in two standard sizes, 20’ and 40’. The 20’ model is great for home remodels, special events, or a little extra retail space, while the 40’ unit is a must have on any construction site. We have plenty of these units in stock and they will always be available when you call.

In addition to these standard units, we also have a smaller fleet of specialty containers. For when you’re cramped on space to put your container we offer a 10’ model. If you need to get in and out of at both ends of the container we offer a quad door model in both a 20’ and 40’ size. Looking to store something extra tall like a forklift? We have 40’ high cube units that are a foot taller than our other containers. We also offer ground level office and office/storage combo containers. These units bring the comfort of an office to wherever a container can be placed, with amenities like power, lighting, and HVAC. Our ground level offices have been used for anything from main offices on a construction site to ticket booths at a festival.

renters guide 4

The Delivery and Pickup Process

Delivery and pickup can be a simple process but require a little bit of preparation on your side. When you order your container we will give a delivery window based on your needs and our availability of containers and delivery specialist. We generally call an hour before the arrival of your unit but you can request a call up to 24 hours beforehand.

When talking with your A-Verdi sales representative you are going to want to think about a few questions we will always ask. The first of these is “What surface will I be placing my container on?” It’s best to place your unit on pavement or stone as they are firm surfaces that won’t allow the container to sink but we do allow placement on grass or dirt provided the site is firm and has good drainage. We come to every rental job with wooden blocks to level the container and help protect the surface you choose to put it on.

From there we will ask how you where you would like the doors to be facing. Start by assuming we are going to back the renters guide 5container into your placement location. Do you want the doors up towards the cab so that they are facing the truck once the container is unloaded or at the end of the trailer so they are facing away from the truck? We refer to the first option as doors off last and the second one as doors off first.

The final question you want to think about when talking to our representative is how much room do you have to unload the container. We have two different style trucks that place our storage containers. One is a large tractor trailer flatbed which is best for open placement sites with lots of room while the other is a tilt bed roll off style truck that can fit and maneuver in much smaller spaces. You will want to let us know how much room we have to drop off the container so that we can make the best decision for delivery.

Once the container is ordered and scheduled for delivery you want to make sure you clear the path to the placement site. This includes things on the ground like vehicles and equipment as well as things hanging down from above like tree limbs. If there is something blocking the path that you can’t clear, like low hanging power lines, give us a call immediately and we can see what we can do to work around the issue.

We hope this guide is helpful in your container selection process. If you have any more questions or would like to start the ordering process give us a call and we can assist you in finding the best storage solution for your space need.