Using Storage as a Retail Solution

Published On: November 15, 2015Categories: Commercial

While most are at home enjoying turkey and stuffing with our families, retailers around the country are hard at work preparing for the upcoming Black Friday. We’ve all seen the hordes of people crowding the stores and great deals that Black Friday brings but do you ever think about where they store the extra inventory for the event? This is a large scale illustration of a problem that happens throughout the year for retailers big and small as they try to navigate the balance between inventory and cost. So, let’s pretend you’re a small business owner. You own a sporting goods store and you found this great deal that will save you hundreds of dollars on baseball gloves, only problem is you have to buy more gloves than you have space for. What do you do? Do you simply tell the supplier you can’t do it and waste all the potential savings? Do you accept the deal? Where do you store all of your extra inventory?

The truth is you really don’t have that many options available to you. As a small business owner, warehouse space is not always easy to come by and when you do you are likely to have to pay a pretty penny for it. Building your own space is also costly and can have your facility under construction for long periods of time which can distract from your main business. Storage containers may be the only affordable option for your storage needs.

Our storage containers are perfect as a temporary warehouse space for excess inventory. They come in both 20’ and 40’ models depending on your storage needs. We even offer a specialty 10’ container if your struggling to find a room onsite. Our units are refurbished often at our onsite fab shop ensuring that they are clean and free of anything that could be harmful to your merchandise, like oil or paint left behind by a construction job. Our units are weather proof and use our in house developed Bass pro 1 and featureventilation system, making sure moisture never enters the container affecting your merchandise. We offer a range of accessories including shelving brackets, to keep your container organized, hand truck ramps, to make it easy to truck merchandise in and out of the container using a hand cart, and lock boxes, to add an extra level of security to your pad lock ensuring that thieves do not get to your valuable merchandise.

Like I mentioned earlier in this article, it’s not just small businesses that use our containers for some extra retail storage. An Upstate New York favorite and sporting retailer giant, Bass Pro Shops contacted us looking for some extra storage space to keep some excess inventory for an upcoming event. We provided them with custom containers that were painted to match the store colors, better serving their particular need. Many larger businesses choose to pay for these customization options as a way to increase the curb appeal and get a little bit of free branding out of their container.