A-Verdi in the Community City of Rochester Public Market

Published On: April 15, 2016Categories: Commercial

Rochester Public 1

Fresh produce and community involvement are just two of the things that make the Rochester Public Market the premier farmers market in Western New York. They have been bringing bargains and local treasures to the area 52 weeks a year since 1905. The event runs three days a week with Saturdays, their busiest day, drawing about 300 vendors and thousands of local customers. Rochesterians love the fresh quality local produce and low prices so much that the event started loaning out wagons, they call Veggie Valets, to help the hordes customers who were buying more than they could carry.

The event brings economic gains and a sense of community to the heart of Rochester. They look to provide local farmers and craftsmen with an economic opportunity they might not otherwise have, bring together their diverse community members, link the urban and rural economies, and promote public health through nutrition education, all well renewing downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods.Rochester Public 2 Their goals are ambition to say the least, but they have proven over the past century that they are up to the task.

The event relies on the local community and volunteers to keep going week in and week out, furthering its connection to the surrounding areas. The Rochester Public Market has truly become something for the people, by the people, which is why it has managed to be successful for so long.

Just recently the Rochester Public Market has purchased seven of our units to be converted into booths for vendors. They will require some modification but with a few cuts these shipping containers will provide a professional and durable space to sell goods. We are excited to partner with the event. Getting to work with these local community organizations who understand the flexibility and convenience of our containers is something we really enjoy.

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