Site Readiness and Preparation

Published On: September 15, 2015Categories: Commercial, Construction, Residential, Special Events

DSC02596Pickup and delivery of your storage or office container should be a quick and easy process but sometimes this isn’t always the
truth. We have seen hundreds of different problems that have turned a routine pickup or delivery into a full day nightmare. Below is a list of some tips and tricks to make sure your delivery or pickup goes as smooth as possible.

Be on time – It is important that you or your site contact is on location punctually to assist in the placement of the office or cargo container. A delivery specialist will give you a call anywhere from an hour to a day ahead of time to let you know when they will be there. When picking up ISO containers, if the unit is accessible and empty, no one is required to be on site. If the unit is in a gated community or behind some tough security you will still need to have a site contact available so we can get to the unit.

Pick a firm level area – A-Verdi containers should be on a firm level surface to ensure they don’t sink into the ground and that your belongings stay upright and secure. Delivery specialist come ready to each rental delivery with wooden blocks to help level the container and keep it off the ground, increasing circulation and eliminating any condensation on the bottom of the container. If you are placing the container on pavement these wooden blocks also help keep it from damaging your surface.

Clear the path – One of the most common issues we run into when delivering or picking up a unit is an unclear path or placement site. If the area is a tight fit, you can request that we send our rollback truck which requires far less room for loading and unloading containers. The path to the placement location should be relatively flat and stable enough for our truck to drive to. Make sure the area is free of any low hanging tree branches or power lines preventing us from completing the job. If you do have low hanging power lines speak with a member of your friendly A-Verdi sales team before delivery and we can try to work with you to resolve the issue.

Make sure that all vehicles and equipment are moved out of the path before the delivery specialist arrives on site. You may think it takes just a couple of minutes to move your cars or the lawnmower, but we can’t tell you how many times we’ve waited for an extra 30-45 mins for customers to clear the area of their vehicles and machinery before we can complete the pickup or delivery. For the quickest delivery/pickup times we ask that you move your vehicles prior to our arrival.

Make sure the container is clear and empty – We can’t haul a container unless it is empty of all material. This includes anything on or leaning against it. Generally our customers are careful in making sure the inside of the freight container is empty but accidently leave boxes on top of or leaning up against the container. We cannot complete the pickup until these boxes are clear, so we suggesting taking a second look to make sure everything is picked up around, on top of, and inside the container prior to the delivery specialist’s arrival. We also ask that you sweep out the unit prior to pick up. Our containers either move from site to site or back to the storage facility which has no dumpster service, so we’re asking for your helping making sure they are free from trash or debris before leaving the site.