Storage Container Used as Sound Barrier for Construction

Published On: September 15, 2015Categories: Construction

From homeless shelters to bridges, storage containers have been used for a multitude of purposes you might have never imagined possible. Considering, here at A-Verdi, we spend our day eating and breathing storage when we find unique uses like these it always brings a smile to our face. We love sharing these innovative ideas with you, our customer, because we really believe that our ground level office and storage containers have practical uses outside what most consider normal.

One of the most recent and close to home examples of this came in Malta, NY. Back in 2009 award winning semiconductor manufacturer Global Foundries began construction on a new facility that would produce 300mm wafers for use in other devices. As construction began on the facility, community members of the small town in Saratoga County New York were Sound Barrier 1 and Feature Imageastounded by the amount of noise coming from the site. Fed up, the town approached the contractors to inform them of the issue.

The news came as a shock to the construction company as they had worked on hundreds of facilities but this was the first time they had encountered an issue like this. Thinking quick on his feet, the project manager decide to start stacking the storage containers, he was already using to store materials and equipment. The containers were stacked three high around the area with the particularly noisy machinery. They lined the backs of the containers with bales of hay. This created a sound barrier that helped quiet the loud jobsite to a level found more acceptable by the townspeople.

This is a great example of some innovative thinking can turn these everyday containers that were already on the work site into a solution that fits needs much greater than that. By making the effort to quiet down construction the contractors were able to maintain a good relationship with the local community while keeping on schedule for next to no added cost. If you’ve seen any interesting uses for storage containers let us know on our Facebook page and if you ever need a container for something special or just as a storage space, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!