When Space is Tight Try Stacking

Published On: March 17, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

When space is cramped on a jobsite and you need storage, you don’t always have the room to fit the containers you need on site. An 8’ x 40’ container takes up 320 square feet of your jobsite and that’s provided you only need one container.Stacking 1 and Feature Sometimes space limitations on the job site prevent project managers from ordering the amount of containers they really need.

What many of our customers don’t know is our containers are stackable. As a contractor you would need to use your onsite crane to stack the containers but once you have them in place we offer pins that are meant to secure the units, so nothing unfortunate happen. The pins fit into the openings on the corners of the container assuring that they line up and are unable to move. 4 pins are required per unit being stack, one for each corner. This option is great for small jobsites or in highly populated areas, like Buffalo or Rochester. It can also keep materials and equipment that you don’t need out of the reach of thieves looking to steal you stuff. We here at A-Verdi usually only stack our containers three high but this is only for ease of access our containers can be stacked to the sky as the heavy duty steel frames are unlikely to blow over because of a storm or some heavy wind.

Having ample storage on a construction site is a must when working in construction but sometimes space limitation make nearly impossible to fit as many containers onsite as you would like. Stacking containers can be a way around these limitations. If stacking sounds like something that may be helpful for you, we suggest renting some of our stacking pins to make sure no unforeseen accidents ruin your work site. If you would like any more information on stacking containers or to order some containers so you can start stacking, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help.