Portable Storage Containers vs. Self-Storage

Published On: March 24, 2015Categories: Uncategorized

Portable vs Self Storage 1 and Feature

Do you have too much stuff? Remodeling a room in your home and need some extra space? Moving in with your significant other and there’s just not enough room?

There are endless reasons why you may turn to a storage provider. Whether you’re managing a house full of clutter or just need a little extra space for a project, storage can help you keep the stuff you’re not ready to get rid of. When choosing storage for personal use you have to major options to consider; portable storage containers vs. self-storage units.

Self-Storage units are spaces you lease at a storage facility. You have probably driven by these types of places. They are large facilities with hundreds upon hundreds of the pull up style door, all pad lock shut.

Portable storage containers are the large steel boxes you often see on construction sites or behind businesses and homes. Ours are marked by their patented grey color and yellow strip. These units are rented from a vendor for a specified period of time and then delivered to your location. Both self-storage units and portable storage containers offer their own unique set of pros and cons.

Self-Storage Pros and Cons

Portable vs Self Storage 2Pros

  • Self-storage is the cheapest way to store your belongings.
  • You don’t have to know how long you are looking to use the storage space as the monthly fee is the same regardless how long you rent the unit.
  • There is an added level of security as thieves would have to trespass onsite, which generally has its own security system, before reaching your storage area.
  • There is typically no wait time before you can start using your storage space.


  • Movers or multiple car rides may be needed to get your items to the storage area
  • You have to drive to an offsite facility to reach your belongings when you need them
  • Facility hours vary meaning you could not have access to your possessions when you want them
  • Units tend to come in only a couple of sizes, limiting your ability to get the exact size that’s right for you

Portable Storage Container Pros and Cons
Portable vs Self Storage 3Pros

  • Containers are delivered to you and placed exactly where you want them
  • Rental fees are cheaper the longer you plan to have the unit
  • They come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to fit your need
  • Accessories allow you to add shelving and other features for next to nothing
  • You have access to your belongings at any moment


  • Additional fees for pickup and delivery
  • Units take up property space you may not have
  • The unit has to be ordered and delivered, which could take a couple of weeks, before it is accessible

Each and every storage situation is unique so we can’t tell you what will be right for you. We simply want you to be informed of all your options when making the decision to reach out for storage help. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our storage solutions for your space need you can give us a call at 1-800-248-3734 and we’ll be happy to help!