Working With the Syracuse Builders Exchange

Published On: January 15, 2016Categories: Construction

SBE 1 and FeatureWe are all aware of many different construction businesses in the area, but what you may not know is many of these companies are part of overarching trade organizations that provide them with some educational and information technology services they might not otherwise have access to. One of the largest construction trade associations in the nation is the, Syracuse Builders Exchange right here in Central New York.

Also known by their initials SBE and their nickname Syrabex, the Syracuse Builders Exchange offers a wide variety of services to their members including electronic plan rooms, where employees can view important information about their current job, employee benefits information, fleet management tools and much more. They also perform educational classes that teach everything from industry secrets to how to stay safe on the job. The SBE has been serving the Central New York construction community for over a century.

It is our pleasure to work with the SBE to provide local construction companies with some much needed storage to assist them on the job. Our containers are almost a must on any construction site as they give a secure space to store important tools, material, and equipment, protecting them both from thieves and bad weather. They come with our premium ventilation system that ensures that no moisture makes it into the container, keeping your tools from reducing to a pile of rust. We also offer to attach a steel lockbox on containers going to construction sites as these are often high priority targets for thieves looking to make a quick buck. The lockboxes make it nearly impossible for a thief to get at your padlock adding an extra level of security to the unit.

Trade associations like the Syracuse Builders Exchange are the life blood of many of our different local industries. They provide small and big members alike with tools they need to complete the job. It has been an honor for us to serve the SBE for many years now and we look forward to the continued relationship. If you need storage for your construction site, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’d be happy to serve you too!