A-Verdi in the Community: Taste of Syracuse

Published On: April 30, 2016Categories: Special Events

Taste of Syracuse 1Here at A-Verdi we get the opportunity to sponsor some of the best local events around. This June it was our pleasure to lend a hand to the biggest tasting event in Central New York, Taste of Syracuse. This year was their 20th anniversary and over 70 participants from Upstate New York came together, along with local entertainment, to make the event the largest one yet. But, as you can imagine, an event this large does not simply happen without a little help and we were lucky enough to be one of the many local community members to do our part this year.

Our A-Verdi ground level office containers acted as the perfect special event space, being used as ticket booths for the festivities. The exterior of our ground level office containers have a clean and modern look, making them an affordable way to have a professional ticket booth wherever you need one. The interior is secure, keeping any money inside out of harm’s way while providing a spacious area for staff to move and work. Multiple ticket windows allow for several lines, perfect for different ticket types or popular events, ensuring people spend the most time possible enjoying the event and not standing in line.

Being a family owned business, it is truly a special moment for us here at A-Verdi when we are able to assist the local community and lend a hand by doing what we do best, providing custom containers and storage. As always we are looking forward to being part of many more great things to come, like this, in Upstate New York.