Top 3 Uses for Remodeled Shipping Containers for Events in Upstate New York

Published On: August 15, 2023Categories: Special Events

Hosting an event takes a lot of planning and setup to make sure that everyone stays safe and has a good time. Remodeled shipping containers for events are an easy and affordable way to have everything you need secure and close at hand.

Here are three ways you can use a storage container at your next upstate New York event and how A-Verdi Storage Containers can help you find the perfect container to fit your needs.

1. A Ticket Booth

Events like carnivals, concerts, and sports games all need staff at the entrance to sell tickets, check bags, and monitor the number of people at the venue. A shipping container can easily be modified to do the job, with useful additions like windows, heating and cooling, and electricity.

Consider making your ticket booth a central event hub with a telephone area, lost and found, and other guest services so everyone knows where to go in case of a problem or emergency.

2. Merchant Stands

If your event features vendors or merchants, shipping containers make great places for attendees to shop. This is especially true for containers that have an open side.

Walls can be used to display posters, tapestries, and other art, while racks and shelves can be used for items like clothing, toys, and accessories. For multi-day events, storage containers can be locked overnight to keep merchandise and money secure.

3. Dressing Rooms & Medical Tents

Container offices also make great dressing rooms for talent or break rooms for employees. These units come with electrical hookups, so you can have TV, radio, and internet in the rooms, as well as a refrigerator for requested snacks and beverages. VIP personnel can relax in a comfortable environment away from the crowd while they prepare for a performance or take a break in between shows.

Modified shipping containers are also an excellent choice for medical tents or first aid buildings at community events. It’s important to give unwell guests a chance to get out of extreme weather conditions, so a climate-controlled building is a great choice.

Plus, modified shipping containers are incredibly secure. You can store medicines and supplies where only authorized personnel can access them.

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