5 Community-Focused Uses for Shipping Containers

Published On: June 2, 2023Categories: Commercial, Residential

As a family-owned business with deep roots in New York, A-Verdi is passionate about getting involved in our community, and we wanted to share some ways in which unique uses for shipping containers can benefit communities globally.

1) Community Greenhouse

Shipping containers can be used as greenhouses to grow fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

Setting up a shipping container greenhouse in a local park or a particular neighborhood is a great opportunity to provide the local community with fresh produce while also encouraging shared sustainability efforts and learning opportunities.

2) Food Pantry

Most cities and universities provide residents and students access to a food pantry, and the food pantry storage container

Orange County Food Bank in California recently implemented new  uses for shipping  containers that will benefit their local community.

Dried and canned goods are the norm for food pantries, and a standard shipping container provides ample storage space for these items.

The OC Food Bank realized that there was an opportunity to provide additional food options to people who benefit from food pantry services by using a refrigerated shipping container.


A refrigerated shipping container means community members will have access to dried and canned goods as well as foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats, and dairy products.

3) Housing for the Homeless

One of the best uses for shipping containers is creating affordable housing.

In recent years there has been an upward trend in shipping containers homes, and the concept has led to an increase in housing opportunities for homeless people.

storage container in front of a house

In Los Angeles, the Hope on Alvardo  apartments,  designed from shipping containers to create  87 small apartments, now house formerly homeless people.

The modern units come fully furnished, and the residents also have access to on-site resources to help them transition comfortably into their  new homes.



4) Local Library

Converting shipping containers into libraries is a grealocal library storage containert way to provide residents a safe environment and new learning opportunities.

Since the use of a shipping container as a library is cost-effective, more funding can go towards new books, a computer lab, or interactive toys for a children’s learning center.

Book Aid International transforms used shipping containers into libraries for communities all over the world, fully stocked with new books and trained volunteers who are eager to put the library to good use

5) Relief Aid

Natural disasters are unfortunately an unavoidable fact of life.relief aid storage container
But nothing shows a dedication to community like providing relief aid to residents in need after a disaster.

Shipping containers have proven to be incredibly useful for relief aid after natural disasters.

The containers can be used to house residents who have lost their homes.

Pop-up medical clinics can be set up inside of shipping containers to provide assistance to those in need.

Shipping containers can also be converted to provide temporary food distribution services and dining spaces.

There are limitless possibilities for uses of shipping containers, and many of those ideas benefit communities locally and globally.
A-Verdi is dedicated to bettering our community one shipping container at a time, so contact us today and we’ll get you or your organization set up right away.

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