Recovering From a Natural Disaster

Published On: February 15, 2015Categories: Residential

As a fellow homeowner, the last thing we want to find out is the place where we feel the most comfortable has been destroyed by flooding, fire or some other form of natural disaster.Natrual Disaster 1 & Feature Image

First, we panic. It’s common. We feel like everything is out of our control and we have no idea where to begin. A house is filled with our most cherished belongings and we want to make sure that they will be properly stored and shielded from the elements during what can be a lengthy restoration process.

Here at A-Verdi Storage Containers we can take the guesswork out of handling your prized household items after extensive damage to your home. After placing a call to our office, one of our skilled staff members will help determine exactly what size storage container is best for your particular project, and guarantee that a top-of-the line model will be delivered to you in a timely manner by one of our delivery specialists.

Having a storage unit delivered on site to your property gives you the accessibility to your items that makes the restoration process that much easier to bear. Each cargo container is wind and water tight, so whether it is a raging thunderstorm or a high-temperature heatwave, your belongings are well-protected. Our patented four-venting system also insures that no condensation will build inside the unit, so there is no need to worry about your wedding dress starting to smell like the neighbors’ fifteen year old cat.

Natural Disaster 2

Over the years we have had many homeowners who have found themselves put in a bad spot, dealing with insurance companies and home restoration businesses. They just want to know that they will be dealt with in a friendly, honest manner. We here at A-Verdi pride ourselves on being a family-operated business that looks out for people first. If you find that something unfortunate has happened to your home, just reach out to us and we will ensure that your household items are in good hands while your home is being put back to normal.